Cedar Club Scholarships / Southern Federation Scholarships

Application Deadline: MARCH 1

Cedar Club and Southern Federation have awarded many scholarships since the inception of the Scholarship Program. Past recipients have used their education to serve society in fields such as law, medicine, business, engineering, and entrepreneurship and have also actively participated in the leadership of the Federation.

Cedar Club Scholarships / Southern Federation Scholarships are given to active members of the Cedar Club. You must be a member for 3 consective years. Scholarships are based on SAT/ACT scores, GPA, AP classes and community services.

Scholarships are funded by contributions from individual members, the Cedar Club itself and non-members interested in education, our organization, and our heritage.

THERE IS ONLY ONE DEADLINE for the Cedar Club Scholarships / Southern Federation Scholarships, which is always March 1st and COMPLETED applications should be be given to the Cedar Club Scholarship Chairman.


• 2 copies of the completed application*
• 2 copies of your headshot or school graduation photo*
• Official transcript through Fall semester prior to your graduation (should be sealed)
• ACT or SAT scores (should be sealed)
• G.P.A. (should be sealed)
• List of A.P. classes taken
• A record of your:
     A) club activities/positions at school
     B) community services for the past 2 years
     C) school and community awards
     D) college acceptance (I.A.) and Major Degree/Future occupation
     E) 2 copies of counselor letter of recommendation (should be sealed)*
     F) 2 copies of teacher letter of recommendation (should be sealed)*
• Scholarships offered
• Student email address and parent email address

* One for the Cedar Club and one to be sent by the Chairman of Scholarship Committee to Southern Federation Foundation

Download Application Package