Cedar Club of Atlanta Foundation
Tony & Frances Ayoub Family Scholarship

Application Deadline: MAY 1

Scholarship awards are given to high school seniors who are going to be entering freshman in an accredited community college, college, or university, and funds are to be used for educational purposes only. The amount of scholarship money to be awarded will be determined annually by the scholarship committee and will be dependent on funds available and the number and quality of applicants. This year's scholarship is $1,500.00.

Criteria for this scholarship are as follows:

1) You, your parent(s), or your legal guardian must have been a member of one of the 3 main Arabic churches (St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox Church, St. Joseph's Maronite Church, or St. John's Melkite Church) for the 2 years prior to the year in which you apply. (3 years total)
2) The priest of one of the above churches must sign the application verifying said membership.
3) Applicant must have completed a minimum of 30 community service hours to a charity, local church, or school over the past 4 years.
4) Applicant must have maintained at least a 3.3 cumulative GPA/85 average (B average).
5) Applications must be filled out in full and postmarked by June 1st, 2019 to be considered.
     a) Completed applications form
     b) Official transcripts through the first semester of the 12th grade
     (must be sent in a sealed envelope obtained from the registrar)
     b) ACT and/or SAT score
     c) Two letters of recommendation
     (one of them should be from your school counselor or teacher)

NOTE: Checks will be mailed directly to the school. It is imperative that you provide the full mailing address and phone number for the appropriate department of the college or university where the scholarship check should be mailed if you were to be awarded the scholarship.

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