Celebrating Over 100 Years of Heritage

The Cedar Club of Atlanta is a social heritage club founded over 100 years ago by men and women of Lebanese and Syrian ancestry. They came to this country seeking freedom and opportunity in a land where, if they worked hard, they could prosper and make a better life for themselves and their children. They also recognized that they must preserve their heritage and pass it on to generations to come.

The following statement is from the Cedar Club constitution:
“The Educational, Spiritual, Social, and Physical benefits and welfare of the Members in particular and for the families of the members in general are the objectives and purposes for which this association is formed.”

Today’s Cedar Club consists of approximately 200 members who continue to work together to preserve and promote our heritage and to serve our members and community. These objectives are accomplished via quarterly membership meetings, family picnics and outings, social Hafles, and ending the year with Christmas parties and Toys for Tots or for the children’s hospitals. We encourage higher education by providing scholarships for graduating high school seniors, and we serve our community through the charitable giving and volunteer work of our Cedar Club of Atlanta Foundation.

The Cedar Club of Atlanta is a member of the Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs (www.sfslac.org). The Federation is an organization which combines pure Americanism with the traditions of Syria and Lebanon: belief in God, sense of Family, love of heritage and willingness to serve each other. The entire SFSLAC family gathers twice a year for Summer Conventions and Mid-Winter conferences to celebrate our heritage with food, dances, cultural presentations, and lots of fun and fellowship.

We invite you to browse through our web site to learn more about our organization. If you have any questions or comments, please contact our current President, Habib Osta @ 770-331-7099.

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Cedar Club of Atlanta Officers

  • President: Habib Osta
  • Vice-President: Paul Joseph
  • Secretary: Charlene Hiffa
  • Assistant Secretary: Cindy Abdou
  • Treasurer: Nassif Mahfoud
  • Assistant Treasurer: Kam Nassar

Cedar Club of Atlanta Board of Directors

  • Abbie Mansour,    Mary Brunner,    Louie Abdou
  • Mary Anne Shamatta,    Paul Joseph,
  • Susie Hagley,    Charlie Brown,    David Nasser